Multitex are new generation multi-axial stitched fabrics comprising of one or more layers of glass fibre roving.  The glass orientation varies and are stitched together with a lightweight thread to make up a fabric with the required properties for the application.


Combotex is a combination material that offers enhanced composite performance through multiple combinations of Wovitex, Veils and Chopped Strand Mat.

  • Fabric Construction
  • Taylor made Fabrices

Uniglass is a state of the art, 100% unidirectional fabric, compared to the traditional UD fabrics, which usually has 80% of its strength in the direction required.

Uniglass is available in tape and cloth form.


Coretex is multi-layered combination fabric that is purposely designed for Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Moulding and Cold Press.

Coretex is also suitable for use as a core material in hand lay-up.