Uniglass is a state of the art, 100% unidirectional fabric, compared to the traditional UD fabrics, which usually has 80% of its strength in the direction required.

Uniglass is available in tape and cloth form.


  • 100% E-glass in longitudinal direction
  • Excellent mechanical properties achieved
  • Predictable and repeatable properties achieved
  • Stable handling, even through wet-out machine
  • Will not unravel when cut, even when cutting on the diagonal
  • Excellent wet-out and good fibre to resin ratios achievable
  • Soft and formable
  • Greater strength and higher stiffness
  • Better impact resistance with correct selection of resin
  • Suffers less from fatigue
  • Cost effective and competitively priced


  • All GRP products requiring optimal strength to weight ratios
  • Chain plate and keel reinforcement on yachts
  • Top-hat reinforcement
  • Filament winding
  • Pultrusion
  • Any high-stress loading areas