Yarns & Threads

Texotherm yarn is volumised through a process of texturising. In this process, smooth yarn is opened up and blown out using compressed air jets.

Excellent thermal insulation values are achieved.

Texotherm Yarns
Texotherm Threads

Texotherm Yarn

Texotherm yarn can be twisted together to form double, triple or multiple yarn constructions. Texotherm yarn can also be combined with Stainless Steel wire for extra strength.

General applications:

  • Ropes
  • Tapes
  • Fabrics
  • Sealing and Packing
  • Gas mantle ties
  • Clutch facing

Also available in specially designed ladder tape for easy bolt insertion in flange gasket.

Texotherm Yarn
Optional reinforcement
Texotherm Texturised yarn600550°CStainless Steel Wire
Texotherm Texturised yarn1200550°CStainless Steel Wire
Texotherm Texturised & Twisted yarn600x4550°CStainless Steel Wire
Texotherm Texturised & Twisted yarn1200x2550°CStainless Steel Wire

Texotherm Sewing Thread

text tapesTexotherm smooth filament C-glass sewing threads can be used when manufacturing high temperature insulation cushions, jackets, curtains and protective clothing.

Texotherm sewing threads resist temperatures of up to 550°C. The finer threads are suitable for sewing machines and the coarser threads can be used for hand  sewing.