Texotherm Rope Lagging has a soft core and is over knitted with an open construction.

Texotherm Ropes and Cords are tightly knitted with continues and texturised E-glass yarn.

Texotherm Rope Lagging

Texotherm Cords

General applications:

  • Seals for boilers, ovens and furnaces
  • Heat exchangers
  • Electrical ducts
  • Exhaust wrappings
  • Expansion joint fillings
  • Pipe insulation


Texotherm Rope Lagging and cords 
Product Diameter Coil length in meter Maximum temperature
Texotherm Rope Lagging 7,13,20,25,40,50 50 550°C
Texotherm Cords 7,13,20,25,40,50 50 550°C