Commitment to Quality


At W-Tech Manufacturing, management and personnel have a proven commitment to quality and are continually striving to improve the products and service. We make use of the most modern processing methods and equipment available.

We have established a policy to manufacture products which are not only compliant with customer specifications, but also conform to the highest expectations of performance, health and safety.

Testing Facilities

In testing our products, we enforce rigorous standards in two major areas of quality assurance.

Processing: We control all quality aspects of various manufacturing steps.

Products: The end products are subjected to final testing before dispatch and delivery.

Manufacturing Plant

The manufacturing plant at W-Tech is equipped with state of the art Dornier Weaving machines, Liba Multi-Axial machines, Dietze Schell Rewinders and Texturisers, Galan twisters and vertical and horizontal solvent based coating equipment.


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