Specialists in the production of fibreglass based thermal insulation solutions.

Wovitherm HT75
Texotherm HT110V


High quality Furnishes & Coatings available in a selection of colours.

PES Foil


Texotherm Needletex is an E-glass mat, compressed without the use of blinders in a mechanical needling process.


Texotherm Rope Lagging has a soft core and is over knitted with an open construction.

Texotherm Ropes and Cords are tightly knitted with continues and texturised E-glass yarn.

  • Texotherm Rope Lagging
  • Texotherm Cords
text tapes

Texotherm Tapes are soft, resilient and flexible.

Texotherm tapes are made of superior quality texturised E-glass yarn for maximum thermal insulation.


Texotherm yarn is volumised through a process of texturising. In this process, smooth yarn is opened up and blown out using compressed air jets.

Excellent thermal insulation values are achieved.

Texotherm Yarns
Texotherm Threads

safe thatch strip

Safethatch is designed for thatch roof protection. It greatly reduces the rate of fire development and spreading.

A non-combustible layer is formed beneath the thatch restricting oxygen flowing to the fire.

fire blanket

Our W-tech fire blankets are made of high tech woven glass fibre which is designed to withstand flames and continuous temperatures of up to 500°C or higher temperatures for shorter intervals.

It is packaged in a quick release, highly visible container, with all the necessary instructions, for instant deployment in the event of a fire.

sonic liner

Sonic liner is a delicately woven fibreglass cloth that gets coated with acrylic.

Sonic liner can be bonded onto fibreglass insulation felt and is used for both thermal and acoustic insulation in air conditioning.