safe thatch strip

Fire Insulation

Safethatch is designed for thatch roof protection. It greatly reduces the rate of fire development and spreading.

A non-combustible layer is formed beneath the thatch restricting oxygen flowing to the fire.

Should a fire occur from the inside of a building, our fire insulation layer will delay the fire transfer to the outer thatch layer. Because there is only a thin decorative layer of thatching below the fire insulation, the intensity of the burning thatch within the building is greatly reduced. Should a fire occur from the outside of a building the protective Safethatch layer will also delay the burning thatch from falling into the building.

To obtain maximum fire protection, our material must cover the entire roof area including the eaves and ridges. Enough material must also be provided to overlap areas where horizontal and vertical joints are used along the material. Safethatch must also be used in conjunction with other recommended fire safety measures and precautions.

Safethatch also serves as a non-permeable layer for insects and dust.