fire blanket

Fire Blanket

Our W-tech fire blankets are made of high tech woven glass fibre which is designed to withstand flames and continuous temperatures of up to 500°C or higher temperatures for shorter intervals.

It is packaged in a quick release, highly visible container, with all the necessary instructions, for instant deployment in the event of a fire.

Applications include containing fires in kitchens, boats, cars, 4x4’s, braai areas, offices, factories, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, warehouses, camping sites and schools


For Convenient fire safety, W-tech fire blankets:

  • Are compact to store
  • Easy to use
  • Have no expiry date
  • Require no maintenance or service checks
  • Are extremely safe (Non Asbestos)
  • Cost effective
  • Do not produce mess after usage


Available in Mini-flame (1mx1m) and Maxi-flame (1.3mx1.5m)