Duramesh, a new generation alkaline resistant reinforcement mesh for the construction industry, is now produced in South Africa by W-tech Manufacturing.

Duramesh is designed to reinforce external and internal plaster walls, wall joints, channels for water piping and channels electrical wiring.



Plaster reinforcement

Duramesh adheres to most surfaces to effectively seal cracks anchipped areas on buildings. It is hence well suited for the repair and strengthening of decorative plaster mouldings on old and historic buildings.

Duramesh absorbs tension where two materials with different coefficients of expansion meet and forms a flexible, yet extremely tough and durable layer within the plaster, facilitating adherence to a variety of masonry materials.

This glass fibre and co-polymer based composite offers a versatile and cost effective alternative in a variety of reinforcement applications. Duramesh consists of woven fiberglass mesh, impregnated and coated with specially designed acrylic co-polymers.

Unlike metal based alternatives, Duramesh does not break down due to corrosion and is easy to use, pliable, cuts effortlessly and lies flat. Duramesh exceeds all the requirements on tensile strength and chemical resistance. Duramesh is resistant to acid, salt, water and alkali attack, therefore screed and plaster thicknesses can be considerably reduced in marine constructions.

Duramesh -reinforced cementitious layers are tougher, longer wearing and more economical to maintain.


Application instructions

  • Apply a thin coat of wet plaster to the surface.
  • Embed Duramesh into the base coat.
  • Apply a second coat of thicker plaster until surface is smooth and Duramesh is at least 2 to 3mm under the plaster surface.

*Duramesh strips should overlap by at least 10cm.
*Stainless steel or Galvanized staples can be used to anchor Duramesh to the first plaster layer.

Advantages associated with the use of Duramesh

  • Less plaster or screeds
  • Corrosion and rust resistant
  • Metal free composition
  • Lower maintenance
  • User-friendly application
  • High Tensile strength
  • Cost effective
  • Dissipates internal stresses found in cementitious layers while strengthening layers


Other Applications

  • Mosaic tile backing
  • Under floor heating
  • Artificial rock building
  • Marble slab reinforcement
  • Thermal insulation reinforcement
  • Light weight partitioning reinforcement
  • Polymer concrete reinforcement
  • Floor reinforcement
  • Tile reinforcement
  • Soil retention

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